Volunteer for Polson Youth SoccerPolson Youth Soccer Association has organized Task Force Groups to assist us in developing a top notch Soccer Association for Polson athletes.   It takes a lot of work to run a soccer program, and parent involvement is key to our success!   If you have children that play soccer, or are interested in playing soccer, we enourage you to get involved as well!

Below are Task Force Groups that can use some help.  Click on the group for a more detailed description.

If you are interested in helping out with any of these groups, please email:  info@polsonyouthsoccer.org


Communication Task Force

This task force is accountable for positive and timely communication with parents, players and community members. It is also responsible for recruiting and maintaining positive relationship with volunteers and helping place volunteers into appropriate committees. Tasks: ● Send out mass announcements (via the google group and all other means) ● Field phone calls and emails …

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Field and Equipment

The Field and Equipment Management Task Force is accountable for the maintenance and upkeep of fields and equipment in a fiscally sound manner. If  it is determined that new equipment will be needed, the chair of the task force must submit these requirements, and an estimate, to the board.  If there is not money in …

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The fundraising team was formed in approximately January, 2011.   Since formation, they have done an amazing job researching and writing grants, putting on fundraiser dinners, and researching additional fundraising opportunities for PYSA. In an attempt to keep player fees low, PYSA must supplement our income with additional fundraising opportunities and this team has done an …

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New Facility Development

The New Facilities Development task force is accountable for developing and completing the current cemetery soccer complex and/or Kerr Dam Fields, along with researching and proposing other new facilities (such as an indoor facility). Tasks: ● Develop 1/3/5 Year comprehensive plan to complete cemetery soccer complex or upgrade to Kerr Dam Fields (time-line, budget, people …

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Player and Coach Development

Coach Development Tasks: ● Develop a coaching philosophy for PYSA, and ensure that this philosophy is applied in a consistent way ● Develop a coaching handbook ● Obtain from registrar a list of individuals who are interested in coaching teams ● Arrange for coaching clinics and work with the communication team to get the word …

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Referee Management

This task force is responsible for recruitment, training and management of referees. Tasks: ● Identify potential new referees in area ● Arrange for training for new and existing referees ● Assign referees for fall rec league ● Assign referees for spring home games and state tournament ● Make sure that PYSA has sufficient referees to …

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Registration Task Force

This team will be responsible for registering all players and assigning them to the appropriate team. Tasks: ● Work with communication committee to advertise & promote registration through all approved channels ● Enter players into www.gotsoccer.com ● Assign kids to teams along with the chair of player development ● Collect fees and submit to treasurer …

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